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Altair HWSolvers 2020.1.1 HotFix

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Altair HWSolvers 2020.1.1 HotFix

Altair HWSolvers 2020.1.1 HotFix | 699.3 mb
The Altair HyperWorks development team has released an update to HyperWorks Solvers 2020 is a collection of finite element and multibody dynamics solvers for structural, fluid-dynamics and systems simulation.

Altair OptiStruct 2020.1.1 Release Notes

New Features
- PSDM output request for STRESS has been enhanced to include "Zero crossing" results (for von Mises) in Random Response Analysis. In addition to punch file, PSDM results including zero crossing are now available in h3d file under "PSD moments".
- SPCOFF/SPCOFF1 has been added. These entries are used to specify degrees of freedom which should be excluded from AUTOSPC list.
Resolved Issues
- -cores auto had an issue with v2020.1 solver scripts and this is now fixed.
- A crash could occur for shell models in Sine Sweep Fatigue with surface stress option turned on. This has now been fixed.
- PARAM,ALLFT for composite failure output could produce the wrong results for certain failure criteria. This has now been fixed.
- MUMPS failure (-90) on Windows could occur for multi-threading case (-nt) in out-of-core mode. This issue has been fixed.
- Fatigue with Modal Transient could produce incorrect results if AMSES/AMLS are used and not all degrees of freedom are requested as output (that is for STRESS, DISP etc.). This has now been fixed.
- A programming error could occur for Thermal transient - Structure coupling when there are multiple CONTACTs. This has been fixed

Altair HyperXtrude 2020.1.1 Release Notes

Quenching Resolved Issues
Spray Quenching with Multiple Quench Zones
There was an issue for models with more than one spray quenching zone. Heat transfer was considered only in the first quench zone. This issue is resolved now.

Altair HWSolvers 2020.1.1 HotFix

HyperWorks Solvers is a collection of finite element and multibody dynamics solvers for structural, fluid-dynamics and systems simulation. These solvers can be employed for simulation driven design as well as design optimization.

The HyperWorks suite is solver independent so adopting the software does not require you to disregard your existing toolset. Instead HyperWorks can run alongside your incumbent solutions, adding value and saving research time and money when used.

OptiStruct as Solver for Size Optimization Part-1 using Altair HW SE

OptiStruct as Solver for Topology Optimization Part-2.1 using Altair HW SE

Altair is a global technology company that provides software and cloud solutions in the areas of product development, high performance computing (HPC) and data analytics. Altair enables organizations across broad industry segments to compete more effectively in a connected world while creating a more sustainable future.

Product: Altair HyperWorks Solvers
Version: 2020.1.1 Update
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: english
System Requirements: PC *
Software Prerequisites: Altair HyperWorks 2020.1.0 Suite
Size: 699.3 mb

Minimum Operating System Requirements

Operating Systems: 7/10 (64-bit)
Memory: 4 GB (higher recommended)

Complete Install

Disk Space: ~8 GB temporary disk space required for full HyperWorks 2020 install.
Applications: ~70 GB
Help: ~10 GB
Graphics Hardware:
- OpenGL 3D graphics accelerator compatible with OpenGL 3.2 or higher
- OpenCL 2.0 required
- True color (24-bit) support Install/update to most recent OpenGL patches/drivers
- 1680x1050 screen resolution or higher for optimal user experience
- 2 GB or higher dedicated RAM
- Only AMD and NVIDIA GPUs supported (Intel chipsets are not supported)

Ultra High Definition (UHD)
- UHD resolution support (2160p) is only available for Windows 10 (1709 or higher).
. Using Windows 200% scaling for 2160p is recommended.
- Windows 7 is not officially supported under UHD settings. We recommend resolutions of 1080p for FHD and 2160p for UHD displays. Some JAVA based tools within HyperWorks may still show issues on UHD displays.

Compiler Support
- Windows: Visual Studio VS 2019 version 16.1.3

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