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Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect 14.1.1429

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Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect 14.1.1429
Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect 14.1.1429 | 163.0 mb

Sparx Enterprise Architect software for UML diagrams design software for the manufacturing process and the development of appropriate software. Sparx Enterprise Architect supports UML 2.1 and with Visual Business-friendly user interface and ultra-high performance, the implementation of process modeling in software engineering helps.

In addition Sparx Enterprise Architect code reverse engineering and source code using common languages ​​such as Visual Basic, VB.NET, Delphi, Java, C #, C ++, PHP for the current program also supports the development of a prototype. Support for CORBA and Hmpnyn Python, with code editor makes it possible to solidify (integration) with a variety of programming environments (IDE), enabling simultaneous survey of codes and models in an environment, speed of operation, design and coding it raises the switch between design and coding prevents environments.
Sparx Enterprise Architect with software engineering process designed ICONIX. But not affiliated to any particular process. And you can customize by adding your existing process and the process is added to your own or without the guidance of a software engineering process documentation and diagrams of the powerful use only
- Schema Composer JSON generation updated to prevent generation of empty type in properties
- SBPI Integration for Corporate and Unified editions now allow writing
- Publish Package as Profile now exports the current package regardless of where it is selected
- Publish Diagram as UML Profile no longer exports global defaults as colors on exported stereotypes




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