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Murder in the Raw - C S Challinor

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Murder in the Raw - C S  Challinor
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Descirption: Rex Graves flies to the Caribbean paradise of St. Martin to investigate the disappearance of Sabine Durand, a beautiful French actress. But the Scottish barrister didn't expect the turquoise waters and white sandy beaches to be filled with so much...nudity. Apparently, Sabine was staying at a naturist resort. Not even a few pints of Guinness can prepare Rex for all the bare bottoms, breasts, and other brazenly exposed body parts.Keeping his gaze well above the neck, Rex intervie Sabine's friends and uncovers unsavory details about her husband. Vernon, a hardnosed entertainment lawyer thirty years older than his flirtatious wife, was prone to jealously. Did he fly into a rage and kill Sabine? Or was she simply the victim of a tragic shark attack, as the local police suspect?The mystery heats up when Rex links a wealthy developer with unsolved serial killings of young women, who bear an eerie resemblance to each other-and to Sabine.Praise for Christmas is Murder:"A winner... a must for cozy fans." - Booklist (starred review)"Challinor's debut is a pleasant modern knockoff of [Agatha] Christie." - Kirkus RevieC. S. Challinor (Florida) was educated in England and Scotland, and has traveled extensively. Her short stories have been published in women's magazines in the United States and the United Kingdom.

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