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The Social Media Pack 7.0.0 (Win/mac)

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The Social Media Pack 7.0.0 (Win/mac)
The Social Media Pack 7.0.0 (Win/macOS) | 127 / 125 Mb

We'll start you off with 120 modifiable templates! Find one you like, modify the text and bring in your own graphics! It's easy and fun and . professional!

Your followers will love you. :)

120 modifiable templates!
- Find templates to modify for Facebook, or Youtube! Or Pinterest!.. or Twitter!
- Easy to change all of the elements in each template!
- Customize the text, add graphics . change the background image! EVERYthing can be modified and personalized.
- You can use the same template over and over again and change it just a little to create an entirely new graphic!
- Use The templates to make images.
- We all know you need eye-catching, attention grabbing graphics for your website but QUALITY images CAN GET EXPENSIVE!
- But with these amazing Social graphics and templates. it's NOT expensive! AND - It's fun!

Just import an image into one of the templates!
The Social Media Template Pak is your all-in-one solution to creating all kinds of Facebook covers, Instagram graphics and Youtube thumbnails - Without Photoshop!

120 templates:
It's easy to begin a project by simply choosing one of the templates and modifying them.

Hundreds of graphical elements to use:
Or, with the click of your mouse, you can import your new images. Super easy!

Use the graphics you create on your website or blog too!

System Requirements:
The Creator 7 Installed[/url].- The Social Media Pack 7 is an add-on installer that will work with The Creator (formerly known as The Logo Creator) installed.

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