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Delcam PostProcessor 2015 Sp1

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Delcam PostProcessor 2015 Sp1

Delcam PostProcessor 2015 Sp1 | 108 MB

Languages: Russian, English, German, Japanese, Polish

One of the world's leading suppliers of advanced CAD/CAM solutions, Delcam, has released update of PostProcessor 2015, is a program which converts tool moves in some standard neutral format into the format required by a specific machine tool controller.

PowerMILL's post processor are robust and well supported. We maintain active relationships with many leading machine tool builders to assure the quality of our post processors for your machine tools.

The following issues have been addressed in this version:
- Debug View has been completely re-worked
- Warning messages can be controlled according to its warning levels
- Static axes for kinematics with more than two rotary axes supported
- Model location data from CAM system used
- Better control of program splitting
- Manual mode
- Run-time access of splitting criterion threshold
- Documentation in option files
- Safe area information supported
- Adjustment move for axial reset is controlled
- Initialisation of settings-bound parameters disallowed
- New parameter: Tool Radius Compensation Type
- New feed rate types supported
- Script reference improved

SP1 issues:

- New "Feed Rate Type" parameter identification fixed (LEAD_IN, LEAD_OUT, RAMP_LEAD_IN).
- "Find All References" works in expressions and initialisation.
- DPI scaling issues.
- Debug View issues.
- Leading or trailing spaces in group states trimmed.
- Arcs with coinciding start and end eliminated.
- Backward compatibility issues.

Version: 2015 SP1 (CR 6.8.4059)
Interface: Russian, English, German, Japanese, Polish
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7even / 8 / 8.1

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