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Akvis Makeup v4.0.574.14313 Multilingual (x64) (Portable)

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Akvis Makeup v4.0.574.14313 Multilingual (x64) (Portable)

Akvis Makeup v4.0.574.14313 Multilingual (x64) (Portable) | 113.7 MB

AKVIS MakeUp improves portraits and adds glamour to photos, giving them a professional look. The software lets you retouching small defects on a skin, making it radiant, beautiful, pure and even, as you can see on artistic images. It is amazing how much a good complexion adds to rejuvenating and freshening up a look!

Make Your Photos Look Ideal
Stylish, glamorous photographs have become the hallmark of the fashion industry. But not everyone knows that before a photo hits the pages of a magazine, it is subjected to thorough processing.

These tricks of professional photographers are now available to everyone!
Just open a portrait with AKVIS MakeUp and click on the Run button. The program will smooth, brighten, and freshen up the skin and freshen up the skin without changing other aspects of the photo.

Look Your Best in Every Photo
There are two modes - Express and Advanced. In Express mode, you can do the correction with a single click using the default settings, while in Advanced mode, you can choose the tone of the skin more precisely using the eyedropper tool and play with more parameters to find the golden mean between glamour and authenticity.

Additionally to the automatic skin smoothing method, the program also offers some retouching tools like: Spot Remover, Teeth Whitening, Red Eye Removal, and others.

Portrait Retouching
You can also achieve some special effects, for example make a B&W portrait or a High Key lighting effect which blows out harsh shadows and thus removes small imperfections and the shadows under the eyes. The facial features become well-defined and the portrait appears in the best light.

High Key Portrait
AKVIS MakeUp can be useful to the fans of social networks and blogs to improve their profile pictures and add a touch of glamour to the albums. The software is ideal for processing marriage photographs or graduation party photos. On such special occasions people try to achieve a perfect result - flawless portraits of the main participants.

Whats New :
Support for 4K and 5K resolution screens. The interface has been modernized and provides better display capabilities. The texts and new icons (now vector based) scale correctly even on super high resolution displays!
The program offers two interface themes: Dark and Light (switch in the Preferences).

Increased the Quick Preview area. Now the default value is 600 px, the max value is 1,000 px (adjustable in the Preferences).
New Print options. It's now possible to print high resolution images on multiple pages.
The possibility to install the program on a drive other than C on Windows.
Native 64-bit support on Mac.
Support for more RAW files.
Some bugs with GPU, image formats, and other errors have been fixed.

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