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Marmoset Toolbag v3.0.2 Win

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Marmoset Toolbag v3.0.2 Win

Marmoset Toolbag v3.0.2 Win | 256 MB

The third release of Toolbag, our real-time rendering suite, ushers forth a new standard in image quality. A slew of exciting new features ensure that you're able to tackle any challenge, while our modular shaders and responsive scene editor empower you to work at the speed of light.

From previewing run and jump cycles to staging an epic short film, our new animation tools will bring your cinematic vision to life. Enjoy entirely new systems for importing and keyframing meshes, lights, cameras, post effects, and more.

Featured art by Jama Jurabaev

Global illumination teams up with exceptional image-based lighting to provide awesome occlusion, beautifully bounced light, and spectacular reflections. Toolbag's lighting tools are now better than ever.

Our artist-friendly baking tools provide the instant feedback needed to revolutionize your texturing workflow. Real-time updates, bake groups and interactive 3D painting makes baking a piece of cake.

Create impressive images with our refreshed renderer, vibrant videos with our new animation tools, and tantalizing WebGL presentations with Marmoset Viewer.

From look-dev to final presentation, our physically accurate renderer makes it easy to create gob-smacking promotional material for your game, film, or product launch.

Toolbag makes getting to work easier than ever with Unity and Unreal Engine export. Share your art with the world by blasting off renders and Marmoset Viewer scenes directly to ArtStation.

No matter the industry, Toolbag is an essential part of the modern 3D artist's workflow. Whether you're defining the look of your project, reviewing assets, or looking to stand out from the crowd, we've got you covered.


Designed with the artist in mind, our ease of use and superb image quality ensure your work is shown in the best light.


Instant iteration, standardized shaders, and incredible customization make Toolbag an essential part of your pipeline.


Toolbag's straightforward, physically- based workflow will get your students up to speed in no time.

What's new


Feature Additions:

Material Animation!
Refraction Shader!
Smart texture loading, drag textures onto palette to create new material, or onto existing material to load
Baker "Smooth Filter" option for geometry smoothing
EXR file output for screenshots and animation
Show/hide toggle buttons for high/low baker objects
New lights are now auto-placed in camera direction
Color-over-time display for RGB keyframes

Bug Fixes:

Many baker fixes:
Baker auto reloads now retain all settings
Cage vertex offset directions are now better
Texture tiling support for material bakes
Cage offset is now consistent with display
Improved smart-load suffix & name matching
Baker viewport preview now works with wireframes
Improved tablet support, if you're having issues with your tablet try the Tablet-Friendly Input setting in Edit-> Preferences
Various stability fixes
Animation Property view display has been tweaked
Animation fixes for object transforms
Scenes with > 32 lights now display (more) correctly
Improved Local Reflections to omit background image correctly
Viewer preview option now more reliable
Better support for writing more compatible layered PSD files
Support for ArtStation pro file size limits
Better scaled UI appearance
Drag & drop now works with scaled UI
Better functioning progress bar for long jobs

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