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Rhino 6 Wip Version v6.0.17262.13121 (x64)

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Rhino 6 Wip Version v6.0.17262.13121 (x64)

Rhino 6 Wip Version v6.0.17262.13121 (x64) | 293 MB

McNeel, a software development company with worldwide sales, support, and training, has released Rhino 6 (WIP) Work-in-Progress (version 6.0.17262.13121), is a CAD modeling software package that enables you to accurately model your designs ready for rendering, animation, drafting, engineering, analysis, and manufacturing.

Changes Rhino WIP WIP 2017-9-19 (09/19/2017)

RH-2244 (Feature) Leader: Allow center mark only with no dimension leader
RH-30497 (Feature) Add Edit mode to BlendSrf
RH-30504 (Feature) BlendSrf- use Simple where possible
RH-38676 (Task) Update nuget/docs builds to VS2017
RH-38688 (Task) Update commercial build to use vs2017
RH-16187 (Usability Problem) Display: Advanced display modes do not print WYSIWYG
RH-33062 (Usability Problem) Help - Worksession and Import Confusions - Suggestions
RH-29754 (Feature) Lock - buckets for the -Lock command
RH-1969 (Feature) Make2D: Make works on meshes
RH-2001 (Feature) Orient3Pt: Scale option
RH-30526 (Feature) Picture should use the name of the chosen texture for the material name
RH-23703 (Feature) Progress bar desired for reducemesh
RH-40085 (Crash) ReduceMesh: Crash
RH-19906 (Feature) Drag-Drop script
RH-21825 (Feature) Fix Up rhinoscriptsyntax
RH-26775 (Feature) Remember last saved directory between Rhino sessions
RH-19935 (Feature) Wish: Rhino.Geometry.Brep.RemoveSlits member
RH-29024 (Feature) Strong Name Assemblies
RH-30513 (Feature) Wish: Rhino.AddText support mask
RH-28377 (Usability Problem) Sweep 1 - Needs Better Messages When It Fails to Complete
RH-29746 (Cosmetics) Document Properties dialog Mesh Page usage clean-up
RH-29748 (Cosmetics) Document Properties dialog View > Display Mode Options clean-up

Important Note: Work-in-Progress (WIP) builds include prototyped new ideas and technologies. WIP builds (often called Alpha releases) are not production ready, and some ideas and technologies may never be released.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer

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