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The Sql Primer Masterclass

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The Sql Primer Masterclass
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Published 5/2023
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Become SQL Master with just ONE course. Learn BigQuery, dbt, Window functions, CTE, Joins,Nested structures & many more!

What you'll learn
Gain a comprehensive understanding of SQL and BigQuery, from basic syntax and queries to advanced data manipulation and retrieval techniques.
Master essential SQL skills such as subqueries, Joins, Common Table Expressions (CTEs), Window Functions, and the effective use of nested and repeated structure
Incorporate best practices in SQL, including code formatting, aliasing, filtering, commenting, and more, to write clean, efficient, and professional code.
Apply learned concepts in real-world scenarios, practice SQL commands, functions, and operators through exercises, and analyze data to derive insights from an A
Learn to employ advanced SQL features such as Window Functions, template SQL with JINJA, and understand the importance of 'DRY' (Don't Repeat Yourself)
No prior knowledge of SQL or any other programming language is required. We'll start from the very basics and build up.
An interest in data analysis: This course is perfect for those who are curious about data and how to extract valuable insights from it.
Willingness to Learn: A key prerequisite is a can-do attitude and a readiness to learn new concepts and practice them through the exercises provided.
Welcome to The SQL Primer Masterclass. SQL skill is the most in-demand skillset required for someone who is working with data or is interested in starting a professional career in Data & Analytics field.First question an interviewer ask is "what is your SQL level?". In 'The SQL Primer' course we'll take you from the basics to advanced concepts, ensuring you gain a deep understanding of SQL. Our goal in this course is to help improve your SQL knowledge, expose you to real life example to help you understand how to apply SQL knowledge in various scenarios. We have lots of exercises and quizzes to help you learn and get interview ready.Starting with an introduction to SQL and BigQuery, you will learn about the basic structure of SQL, how to write queries, and essential syntax. As you progress, you'll discover the various SQL commands, data types, and functions that help manipulate and retrieve data efficiently.Understand the important topics like Joins, Subqueries, Common Table Expressions (CTEs), Window Functions, Nested and Repeated Structures, and Data Build Tool (dbt) with ease. Additionally, we cover string functions and SQL operators that can enhance your data manipulation capabilities.You'll also learn best practices for SQL, providing you the know-how to write clean, efficient, and effective code.By the end of the course, you'll be well-equipped to handle any SQL-related task and make data-driven decisions confidently. Ideal for beginners and those looking to refresh their knowledge, 'SQL Primer' is your ticket to mastering the language of data."Who this course is for:Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Data Analyst, BI Analysts, Analytics EngineersAnyone working with data and want't to improve SQL skillFor data professionals who wants to get a refresher on SQLStudents or recent graduates who are looking to get a job in a Data fieldAnyone who is interested in Analytics or BI Career Path
Section 1: Course Introduction
Lecture 1 Welcome
Lecture 2 Course Overview
Lecture 3 How to get best out of this course
Section 2: Setting up & Resources
Lecture 4 BigQuery Setup
Lecture 5 Resources
Lecture 6 Setting up Dataset & Table
Lecture 7 dbt Setup
Section 3: Basic SQL
Lecture 8 History of SQL
Lecture 9 What is SQL?
Lecture 10 Database & Data Warehouse
Section 4: Bigquery Intro & Walkthrough
Lecture 11 BigQuery Introduction
Lecture 12 BigQuery Interface Walkthrough
Section 5: Basic SQL Structure
Lecture 13 Basic SQL Structure
Section 6: Query Syntax
Lecture 14 SELECT
Lecture 15 ALIAS
Lecture 16 WHERE
Lecture 17 GROUP BY
Lecture 18 HAVING
Lecture 19 ORDER BY
Lecture 20 LIMIT
Section 7: Order of True SQL Statements
Lecture 21 Order of True SQL (Pt. 1)
Lecture 22 Order of True SQL (Pt. 2)
Lecture 23 Order of True SQL. - Exercise
Section 8: Schema & Data Types
Lecture 24 Schema
Lecture 25 Data Types Intro
Lecture 26 Data Types (MySQL)
Lecture 27 Data Types (BigQuery)
Lecture 28 Data Types (Recap)
Section 9: Important SQL Commands
Lecture 29 Important SQL Commands
Section 10: Data Definition Language (DDL)
Lecture 30 CREATE
Lecture 31 ALTER
Lecture 32 DROP
Section 11: Data Manipulation Language (DML)
Lecture 33 INSERT
Lecture 34 UPDATE
Lecture 35 TRUNCATE
Lecture 36 DELETE
Lecture 37 MERGE (Pt. 1)
Lecture 38 MERGE (Pt. 2)
Section 12: DDL & DML Exercises
Lecture 39 DDL-DML-Exercise 1
Lecture 40 DDL-DML-Exercise 2
Lecture 41 DDL-DML-Exercise 3
Lecture 42 DDL-DML-Exercise 4
Lecture 43 DDL-DML-Exercise 5
Lecture 44 DDL-DML-Exercise 6
Lecture 45 DDL-DML-Exercise 7
Lecture 46 DDL-DML-Exercise 8
Lecture 47 DDL-DML-Exercise 9
Lecture 48 DDL-DML-Exercise 10
Lecture 49 DDL-DML-Exercise 11
Section 13: AGGREGATE Functions
Lecture 50 SUM
Lecture 51 COUNT
Lecture 52 COUNTIF
Lecture 53 AVG
Lecture 54 MIN-MAX
Lecture 55 Aggregate-Exercise 1
Lecture 56 Aggregate-Exercise 2
Lecture 57 Aggregate-Exercise 3
Lecture 58 Aggregate-Exercise 4
Lecture 59 Aggregate-Exercise 5
Lecture 60 Aggregate-Exercise 6
Lecture 61 Aggregate-Exercise 7
Lecture 62 Aggregate-Exercise 8
Lecture 63 Aggregate-Exercise 9
Lecture 64 Aggregate-Exercise 10
Lecture 65 Aggregate-Exercise 11
Lecture 66 Aggregate-Exercise 12
Section 14: STRING Functions
Lecture 67 CONCAT
Lecture 68 REPLACE
Lecture 69 LOWER
Lecture 70 UPPER
Lecture 71 NORMALIZE
Lecture 72 SPLIT
Lecture 73 LEFT-RIGHT
Lecture 74 TRIM
Lecture 75 String-Exercise 1
Lecture 76 String-Exercise 2
Lecture 77 String-Exercise 3
Lecture 78 String-Exercise 4
Lecture 79 String-Exercise 5
Lecture 80 String-Exercise 6
Lecture 81 String-Exercise 7
Lecture 82 String-Exercise 8
Lecture 83 String-Exercise 9
Lecture 84 String-Exercise 10
Lecture 85 String-Exercise 11
Section 15: SQL Operators
Lecture 86 Arithmetic Operators
Lecture 87 Logical Operators
Lecture 88 CASE-WHEN
Lecture 89 Operators-Exercise 1
Lecture 90 Operators-Exercise 2
Lecture 91 Operators-Exercise 3
Lecture 92 Operators-Exercise 4
Lecture 93 Operators-Exercise 5
Lecture 94 Operators-Exercise 6
Section 16: SUBQUERIES, CTEs
Lecture 95 Sub Queries
Lecture 96 Common Table Expressions (CTEs)
Lecture 97 Common Table Expression - Recursive
Lecture 98 Subqueries-CTE-Exercise 1
Lecture 99 Subqueries-CTE-Exercise 2
Lecture 100 Subqueries-CTE-Exercise 3
Lecture 101 Subqueries-CTE-Exercise 4
Section 17: JOINs
Lecture 102 JOINs Introduction
Lecture 103 LEFT JOIN
Lecture 104 LEFT JOIN Exclusive
Lecture 105 RIGHT JOIN
Lecture 106 RIGHT JOIN Exclusive
Lecture 107 INNER JOIN
Lecture 108 OUTER JOIN
Lecture 109 OUTER JOIN Exclusive
Lecture 110 CROSS JOIN
Lecture 111 JOIN-exercise 1
Lecture 112 JOIN-exercise 2
Lecture 113 JOIN-exercise 3
Lecture 114 JOIN-exercise 4
Lecture 115 JOIN-exercise 5
Lecture 116 JOIN-exercise 6
Lecture 117 JOIN-exercise 7
Lecture 118 JOIN-exercise 8
Section 18: Nested & Repeated Structures
Lecture 119 Nested & Repeated Structures Introductions
Lecture 120 Nested
Lecture 121 Repeated
Lecture 122 Nested & Repeated
Lecture 123 Nested-Repeated Exercise 1
Lecture 124 Nested-Repeated Exercise 2
Lecture 125 Nested-Repeated Exercise 3
Lecture 126 Nested-Repeated Exercise 4
Lecture 127 Nested-Repeated Exercise 5
Section 19: WINDOW (Analytics) Functions
Lecture 128 Window Functions Intro
Lecture 129 Syntax
Lecture 130 Aggregate Window Function
Lecture 131 Navigation Windown Function - (LAG - LEAD)
Lecture 132 Navigation Windown Function - (FIRST - LAST) Value
Lecture 133 Navigation Windown Function - RANK
Lecture 134 Navigation Windown Function - DENSE RANK
Lecture 135 Navigation Windown Function - Documentation Walkthrough
Lecture 136 Navigation Windown Function - ROW NUMBER
Lecture 137 Window-Functions Exercise - 1
Lecture 138 Window-Functions Exercise - 2
Lecture 139 Window-Functions Exercise - 3
Lecture 140 Window-Functions Exercise - 4
Lecture 141 Window-Functions Exercise - 5
Section 20: Templated - SQL
Lecture 142 Templating Introduction
Lecture 143 JINJA SQL
Section 21: dbt (Data Build Tool)
Lecture 144 dbt Overview
Lecture 145 dbt Role in a Data Warehouse
Lecture 146 dbt Examples
Section 22: SQL Best Practices
Lecture 147 Best Practices Introductions
Lecture 148 Code Formatting
Lecture 149 SELECT *
Lecture 150 ALIAS
Lecture 151 Explicit JOIN
Lecture 152 Filtering
Lecture 153 ORDER BY
Lecture 154 UNION ALL
Lecture 155 Comments
Lecture 156 CTEs
Lecture 157 DRY (Don't repeat yourself)
Section 23: Use-Case 1 (Airbnb)
Lecture 158 Use-Case Intro & Questions
Section 24: Wrap Up
Lecture 159 Wrap Up
Beginners interested in learning SQL from scratch: If you're looking to start a career in data analysis, database management, or data science, this course provides a solid foundation.,Professionals looking to upskill: If you're already in the tech industry but want to add SQL to your toolkit, this course will take you from basic to advanced concepts efficiently.,Students studying computer science or related fields: This course is a great supplement to your academic learning, helping you to better understand and apply SQL concepts.,Business Analysts and Marketers: If you're dealing with data in your current role and want to derive more insightful information from it, this course will teach you how.,Aspiring Data Scientists: SQL is a key tool in data science. If you're planning a career in this field, mastering SQL will be invaluable.

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